Like a sinister Siri, Mr. Bedevil is an interactive phone app that offers an endless stream of horrific hints, awful advice and demonic directives. When it comes to the movie Bedeviled, think: Her meets Unfriended.

The most compelling actor is Essoe as Mr. Bedevil – he’s nicely augmented with great makeup by Almost Human’s Robert Hall and Jessica J. Eisenman. His dandy outfit, complete with a creepy red bowtie, is perfect. He’s a villain I’d like to see again. As for his creepy cohorts, he’s got a twisted version of Alice’s grandma and a jumble of odious clowns (maybe that’s where the constant references to “It” are coming from). They all look awesome. When it comes to the presentation of the baddie and his minions, horror fans are sure to be pleased.

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