Rick loves movies.

He always wanted to be in them, to make them, to write them. Along the way, he realized movies cost money to make. A lot of money. So he got a degree in finance, and has used it to run accounting, auditing, and financial departments at major companies across the United States. But he also uses it to make movies.

Most accountants are bean counters, but Rick is one of the few who understands the ultimate function of money, which is to make great things. Yes, movies must be treated as businesses. Yes, movie budgets need to be accurate and balanced. Yes, raising money for movies and cutting deals to sell them require the kind of financial acumen most people would prefer not to have. But he leads the charge every time…because without a safe financial environment, art can’t flourish.

He’s also a people person. When you meet him, you’ll understand.

Here’s the boring part:

CPA, CIA, CISA, and CRISC designations. 20 years experience in corporate governance, finance, business development, audit and regulatory compliance in various industries including technology, manufacturing, distribution, aerospace, marketing, and consulting. Specialties: Process improvement, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, operational, financial, and IT audits. Management, recruiting, mentoring, coaching, regulatory compliance, enterprise risk management (ERM), developing business proposals, writing policies and procedures, and process reengineering.

P.S. Rick didn’t write this himself. But it’s true.